Lineman on pole

Common Tools Used By a Lineman

Outside linemen use a broad array of tools classified by how frequently you will likely need to use them.

Tools Used On A Daily Basis
Hand tools: plumb bob, pliers, needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers, hammer, wire cutters, screw driver, measuring tape, ruler, socket set, wrench, crimping tools, hand drill, shovel, ladder, knife, tamp tool, hoist come a long.
Power-assisted tools: hand drill.
Meters: voltmeter.
Heavy equipment: bucket truck, auger.
Climbing tools: gaffs, safety belt, body belt.
Hot sticks: switch stick, universal "gripall" stick (shot gun).

Tools Used Weekly
Hand tools: file, allen wrench, hacksaw, handsaw, block and tackle, ladder.
Power-assisted tools: electric saber saw, electric roto hammer drill.
Meters: ammeter.

Tools Used Monthly
Hand tools: level, fish tape, pipe wrench, wire stripper.
Power-assisted tools: roto stripper, wire tugger.
Heavy equipment: crane.
Hot sticks: auxiliary arm, insulated tension link, tie stick, link stick.

Tools Used Occasionally
Hand tools: punch, fuse pullers, clamps, torque wrench, architect scale, keyhole saw, wood chisel, hand bender, transit, adapter cables, hand reamer, knock out sets, awl vise, caliper.
Power-assisted tools: soldering iron, drill press, gas-operated auger, air hammer, coring machine to drill through concrete, hydraulic bender, power cutting and threading machine, roto stripper, water pump, electric screw gun, electric saber saw, fiber optic fusion splicer, electric roto hammer drill.
Meters: oscilloscope, wattmeter, optical power meter, MEGGER, dielectric test set to hipot cable, dynamometer, optical time-domain reflectometers.
Heavy equipment: trencher, electric lift, power borer, derrick, dozer, backhoe, caterpillar.
Climbing tools: skates.
Hot sticks: wire tongs, wire tong supports, strain carrier, platform, saddle, lever
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