March 21, 2020

Save Power With A Whole House Fan

Main differences Concerning Whole House Fans and Attic Fans

There is a huge difference amongst Gable Attic Fan and a Whole House Fan. A gable attic fan is mounted to 1 of the gable sides of your attic. The fan is used to remove heat from the attic area to be able to limit heat transfer to the rooms below. A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling between the living space and that attic. It is utilized to suck warm air out of the home up into the attic. The force made by the suction pushes that heated air out from the ventilation of the roofing and it can help draw colder outside air in through open windows inside your home.

Gable attic fan
Gable Attic Fans - are attached to the gable wall inside the attic in back of a decorative louver. The gable attic fan is connected to a proper electrical power supply and a timer. The timer enables the fan to run during the hottest part of your day. The gable attic fan will help decrease the attic temperature to help stop warmth transfer down through the insulation and into the living area. Gable attic fans are typically much more affordable than whole house fans and also simpler to put in.

Whole House Fan
Whole House Fans - are mounted in the ceiling between your living quarters and attic. They are usually located in a central passageway to greatly help evenly remove warm air from the living space. Whenever a whole house fan is turned on it helps draw heated air out of the living area while pulling in cooler outside air from opened windows.

This system is best when the temperature outside drops below the temperature within the home. Whole house fans can be very effective in cooling down a house each morning and nighttime hours. In a few parts of the nation, they can be a very inexpensive option to central air.

Whole house fans routinely have some form of louver and/or insulated gate that shuts when the fan is shut off. This can help hold warm and cold air from the living quarters when the machine is not being used.

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